T,Novan & Taylor Rickard
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Authors T,Novan & Taylor Rickard Photo by Kelly Wright Myers
Book One

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A real page turner ... At first I just plugged on, thinking.. I'm not sure about this one.. as I read, I really found myself falling in love with Charles Redmond.. such a sweet, sweet character...

Don't read the story, looking for sex scenes, there aren't any, the author leaves that up to the readers imagination.. which I felt stopped me giving the book 5 stars... if the author can get past her obvious shyness about writing more explicit love / sex scenes, this book would have blown all other lesbian character novels out of the water...

The storyline was actually believable... chaotic times during the Civil War of America no doubt.. and anything would have been possible...

All the Characters are likeable ... That Charles Redmond though.. normally not my type of character to fall in love with personally, however, just the loveliest soul ...

Book Two

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Absolutely loved it. I have read Words Heard in Silence more than once and was happy to see it available as an e-book. I wanted that story to continue and I hope it will.

Book Three

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Great story with lots of twists and turns. Good representation of time after the civil war and the rebuilding of a community. Can't await for book 4!

Book Four

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Another great book by T Novan and Taylor Rickard. The historical detail is well-researched making the book totally believable. The in depth character study that takes place through the books is really awesome. Seeing the family grow and change evolve and age gives you the feeling you are reading about a real family and their life story. I highly recommend this book and the others in this series.