Redmond Stables at Cold Springs Farm, on ST RT 127 between Harrodsburg and Danville, ISO:

Equine Students/Interns interested in a learning (non paid) position. Ground level. Entry.

You will be asked to do the GRUNT work. Cleaning buckets, mucking stalls, sweeping grooming bays, the typical work needing done in a multi stall barn environment.

Experience preferred, but not required.

What we are looking for is: A young, enthusiastic, energetic person to work with us for 15 hours a week in this opening position.

For 15 hours a week, you will bank 3 hours of riding or training time. Extra hours volunteered will bank additional hours at a rate of 5 to 1.

In 90 days (3 months), to 180 days (6 months) this will become a paid position. Starting wage will be between $7.25 and hour and $7.75 an hour depending on performance during internship.

If interested please contact Facility Manager, Morgan Sams at (859) 605-6154.