Twenty years ago, two authors, T. Novan and Taylor Rickard, came together to create an unusual Civil War-based historical fiction novel called Words Heard in Silence.

They were meticulous in creating an historically accurate story, integrating real people and events with their fictional characters to present a notably realistic picture of life during and following the war.

The primary characters, Charlie Redmond, a Union cavalry officer, met a southern widow, Rebecca Gaines during the last winter of the war. They married and founded a family of adopted war-orphans and a horse breeding farm in Culpeper, Virginia.

From there, the authors found that their characters and American history compelled them to create an historical saga told from the perspective of individuals living through the events of the times, using the Redmond family as the readers’ guides through the events of the past century and a half.

The Redmond family created a noted horse breeding stable in Virginia, and the second generation of the Redmond clan inherited a horse farm just outside of Lexington, Kentucky, so they expanded their operations to two sites – Redmond Stables and Redmond Stables West.

All of this was written over the past several years, well before we became involved with horses in Kentucky.

Then it was necessary to find a new home for horses we had acquired, and by what can only be called a true miracle, a charming and generous woman with this beautiful horse farm just outside of Lexington, called Cold Springs Farm, made an offer we could not refuse.

The farm needed maintenance and minor repairs, as it had gone unused for several years, but is fundamentally a beautiful and spacious facility, with lovely paddocks, a large arena and a stunning barn able to house up to thirty-five horses.

We needed a home for our horses; she wanted the farm to be returned to a working stable. And having people who appreciated the history of the land and the property, wanting to make sure it was restored and protected, seemed a perfect fit.

We looked at the story we had written, and looked at the farm and stable being offered and realized it was kismet. We had written this farm into our story; now it had become real. So, what else could it be named but Redmond Stables at Cold Spring Farm?

And so, it is coming into being, just as we wrote it.

The Redmond family saga is written with strong values and ethics that the authors themselves feel. A sense of family, of community, and of neighbor helping neighbor is regularly a strong part of our storyline and one for we stalwartly believe in.

The new caretakers of Redmond Stables hope to bring that same sense of honor, duty and service to Harrodsburg, Danville and the surrounding areas as we become a useful and reliable member of the business and social communities.

Please like and enjoy our site, as you follow our quest and pursuit to reclaim this crucial piece of Kentucky and American history.

Our beautiful 35 stall barn, set on 22 amazing acres will soon be open for business for boarding, training, and transit situations.

But before we invite you into our home, we need to clean up a bit first. This property is in outstanding shape and only needs a bit of TLC and elbow grease to bring it back to its former glory.

We will be refurbishing, revitalizing and just mostly pouring our love, sweat and tears into it to make it the outstanding horse farm it has been, and should continue to be.

Not only does Redmond Stable already have a small and dedicated staff, who will be working tirelessly to rebuild what we consider horse Heaven, we also have amazing horses already on property.

Our very own kids reside at the barn.

Our big, beautiful boy, Lash (Skip's Lash) is our stallion and a great grandson of the great Skipper W. (Available for stud.)

Lash's daughter, Loki. His half sister, Zoom. Our beautiful Mia and (Swooner or) Later round out our mares and then, our newest member of the family, Wyatt completes our little herd.

Our family resides here, when we are ready to welcome yours, you can rest assured, you will be treated like family!